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History of Knighton Bowling Club

Photo 1: Map of Knighton from 1850

The early days of the Club are unclear for the moment and are the subject of further research. There was a bowling green shown on maps of Knighton in 1850 (Photo 1), in what is still known as Bowling Green Lane. As yet we have not ascertained how long this green was in use, research continues. 

In addition we have found a photograph (Photo 2) which is believed to date back to 1880 which shows a bowling green located in the area of what is now Victoria Road. That is within a few hundred yards of the current green, the area was redeveloped from about 1890 onwards so that green must have been swallowed up by the development.

Photo 2: Victoria Road circa 1880

The question then arises as to where bowling moved to between 1890 and 1933 when the present green opened. Again research continues into this. It may well be that the green in Bowling Green Lane continued to be used.

Photo 3 is a newspaper cutting from 1933 celebrating the Opening of the current green. What we do know, thanks to a recently discovered Newspaper cutting (Photo 3), is that the current green was opened in 1933.

Photo 3: Newspaper clipping from 1933

The green was developed on land which was previously owned by the Owens family who lived in ‘Ystrad House’ next door to the green hence the reference in the photograph to Ystrad Bowling Club. At that time the ‘Club House’ was located in the loft of the Stables/Coach House of Ystrad House with a wooden staircase leading directly from the green. 

This remained until the club house was built in the 1960s, which was later extended to provide a larger clubhouse, kitchen and bar. The Club has continued on the same site since, the green was completely rebuilt by the council in the early 1990s.

Photo 4: 75th+1 anniversary match

Unfortunately the newspaper cutting which dated the opening of the green was discovered too late for the celebration of our 75th Anniversary in 2008.


It was decided that we would ask the President of the Welsh Bowling Association to bring a team to the Club in 2009 to celebrate our 75th + 1 Anniversary. President Alan Thomas kindly brought his team and the match was played on the 8th of September 2009 (Photo 4).

The Ladies look forward to celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year (2011) having first formed in 1961.

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PLEASE NOTE: in the 2017 seasons veterans league competition, Knighton have only one team. That is the Undertakers.


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